Handicapped Segway Riding in Medieval Times

I guess handicapped people still need those prime parking spaces when they ride their Segways in Medieval Times.  ROFL!
Her doctor said she should get more exercise so she took her baby for a walk...

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Anonymous said...

the segway was created for people with "Activity Deficiencies", otherwise known simply as, Lazy. 200 years ago, hell 50 years ago we never had an "obesity epidemic", I mean how the hell do you think people got around? You guessed it folks, THEY WALKED!! Guess what our genitics are still the same as they were then as they are now! I mean seriously guys look around you. What do you see? Thats right, it's FAT! Now get off your asses and start walking, it's healthy and you never know you just might feel good about yourself! TRY IT.

Lisette said...

Anonymous, I love you.

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