I found this funny site that posts quotes that were "overheard" by people.  They have a couple sites like Overheard in the Office and Overheard at the Beach just to give you an idea of what kind of quotes they have.
Here are some funny ones.

Worker #1: So, is everyone coming for break?
Worker #2: Not me, I have to stay and make pirate hats.
Worker #3: That's the worst excuse ever to avoid us.
Worker #2: Well, I cant have a drawer labeled "pirate hats" without pirate hats. That'd just be silly.

Little boy, standing in water: I CHALLENGE YOU, POSEIDON!

Cop: I won't issue you a summons if you can answer this question correctly... What's closer to New York, Italy or the moon? I'll give you a hint. You can see the moon.
Perp: Ummm... the moon!

Younger black man with suitcase: I just want you all to know that I am getting on the train with a suspicious package.
Older black man, not looking up from his newspaper: N%@#a, that is the stupidest thing you could have said.

I'll definitely be keeping my ears open for some funny "overheard" quotes!!  Remember to comment!!

Michael Phelps GIFs ROFL

These are some good animated GIFs Michael Phelps Primal Scream!

ITS Over 9000!!!!!!!

This is SPRATA!!!!!

IMA Firinn'' MAAHHH LazzooR!

Your Saturday Weather Report

It will be sunny in the upper 70s with a slight chance of thunder storms but a 100% chance of annoying cockroaches. 

Remember that comments are working after I fixed a bug that was unknown to me.

The First Fall Epic Fail

The season is changing, the trees are shedding their leaves, the air is getting a little chiller but ROFLez and syrup is staying same no matter what season it is.  It's always rofl season here, so if you hate change just stay here, laugh and have a grand ol' time!  

If you have a ROFL, LOL, LMAO, etc that you want to see on here, send it to me by clicking the link in the left hand side bar.  OH and if you guys think these are funny then you should comment them.  Let me know that you think!

Ventrilo Harassment - World of Warcraft Nerds

HEY DARALON! ROFL this vent harassment is pretty funny. The kid has a goofy voice and says retarded nerdy things. Everybody in these videos get so mad at the person annoying them but I think I would LOL hard, since I lol hard at every vent harassment video.

Human Bolwing LMAO!

Who the heck comes up with these games?! Why would anybody come up with a game where you get oiled up then do a slip and slide into a bunch of pins? Because its freeking funny!

Door Stuck! DOOR STUCK!

Counter Strike can have super funny moments when you are listening to what people are saying when they play. This is just some dude having fun in ESEA.

Epic Fail Caturday

No, no, no it's not what you are thinking.  It's just an Epic Fail and a LOLcat in the same post.  Imagine that, an Epic Fail and a LOLcat living in harmony in the same post.  And yes it is possible to do a triple back flip over a semi transforming into Optimus Prime.  I did it yesterday.


more lolcats

You Wanna Play A Little Game?!?

A super funny Saw 4 parody that my buddy just sent me.  I rofled hard at this video.

Faxing Sweet Revenge

I read this story over at The Consumerist and it was to good not to post here.  This guy Pat got fed up with some Telemarketer's faxing his house so he did something about it.
For weeks now I have been receiving fax calls on my house line, a number I've had for over twenty years and now ported to VOIP; somehow, at some point, it got included on a telemarketing fax CD. I get them 3-4 times a day, each repeated 3 times, starting at 6 AM. Being awaken by the cheerful chirping of a fax when answering the phone isn't my cup of tea: Nobody calls me at six, so when it rings I always think there is some kind of emergency!

I finally decided to do something about this problem, and using the caller ID number as starting point, Google kindly provides me with the main number and name of the offending company.

The receptionist was not so receptive to my request: Seems they have many employees, and no interest in tracking down who is sending what, because they are very, very busy. Goodbye.

OK. Fine by me. One great advantage of my VOIP provider (Primus, for anyone who cares) is that their base package includes many interesting features, including the possibility to redirect any number to another. Thirty seconds later, I had the fax number redirected to the receptionist's number.

Since the redirection happens at the exchange, it will of course be a bit more difficult for them to track down the origin of these new, annoying calls than if they had been willing to listen to my complaint. They had their chance, and blew it.

I call this forcing corporate responsibility.
The receptionist was too busy to take his number off their list, well lets see how she likes getting bombarded by fax calls all day by the fax machine they failed to take off the list.  I like what the writer of the post says about it:
It's like a delicious irony cake wrapped in irony ice cream and topped with chocolate irony sprinkles!
 via The Consumerist
Or the laziest Wii player in the world. This is how I usually play Twilight Princess. It actually works pretty well and its comfortable.

via Youtube

Its a LOLcat Tuesday

Have some LOLcats for breakfast today.

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This is Sparta!!?!?!?!?!?

I'm sure that most of you guys have seen this video before but I am going to post it any way because its rad!

This is Sparta!

The Indian Matrix, Like The Matrix Except Retarded

This clip has some of the best CGI to come out of Bollywood to date. My mind has been blown. I wish movies made in America looked this good.

Oh wait, American movies look better.  ROFL

Job Failure

This guy failed at getting a job at the BBC.  Read the the letter it's funny.

This is how you fail at getting your driver's license.

Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy.

Seth MacFarlane's new cartoon comedy that's coming to youtube.  He will be releasing new episodes ever week.   Some of the stuff is pretty funny.  It's like a mix of Family Guy, American Dad, etc but with random characters!  I am really looking forward to these episodes!

via Seth MacFaelane's Youtube channel
Equals a very confusing rap battle but an excellent laugh.

These kids should stick to something that they are good at, like being nerdy.

Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates...

Apart they are genius in their own right but together they make this commercial confusing, weird and somewhat funny.  So if you haven't seen Microsoft's commercial then here it is.

Wipeout! - Jacob Mann

Those big balls make doing the splits so much easier!! Just ask Jacob Mann.

Wipeout! is back on ABC tonight @ 8pm so we can expect some great wipeouts in the future from this funny show.

Weekend ROFL - Vent Harassment

Vent harassment videos make me ROFL.  Peppy's famously annoying line from Star Fox 64, DO A BARREL ROLL!

Do a barrel Roll?!/

The Most Epic Fail in the World

This has to be the epiciest fail in the entire world.  I don't even know if epiciest is a word but this sure is epic.  It seriously blows my mind!?!

I'm still confused.
I wouldn't want to go bungee jumping with the Umbilical Brothers.

via youtube

Freakin' Indian Matrix!?!?!?!

Wow this is soooo bad that it had me ROFLMAOing the first time I saw it. Look forward to more Indian Matrix videos!!
via you tube
LOLcats 4 ur viewin pleasurez.
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High School Musical Parody

Here's MADtv's High School Musical Parody. This movie is ridiculous and deserves every parody and poop that is made.

via youtube
Its funny but slightly wrong.

Those crazy french.

Advice for Your Next Trip to the Aquarium

Please don't flash the octopus. ROFL!
Engrish photo of a sign that says please don't flash the octopus

more the engrish!