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Wednesday LOLcats

I haven't posted any LOLcats in a while so I'm going to whether you like it or not.

more LOLcats

Japanese Silent Library Game

This is THE funniest video on the face on this planet.  I'm not joking.  If you don't piss your pants watching this video, then YOU FAIL.  Here's a little run down of the video, you've got some Japanese dudes in a library, a slapping machine, wasabi rolls, a creepy old man and much much more.   Watch it already!

Darth Vader and Jabba the Hut Sing Chocolate Rain

Here are two good parodies of Tay Zonday's famous song "Chocolate Rain."   Chocolate Rain is probably the best song in the entire world hands down.  If you don't know what or haven't heard Chocolate Rain then you haven't lived a very exciting or interesting life.

Pikachu Jumps Off a Coffee Table

This video is pretty ammusing.  Pikachu basically goes crazy after he hears Pinky say "NARF".  Videos that make fun of Pokemon are always good.  lol.

A Halloween Fail

If you're still looking for a halloween costume then please don't go rummaging through your kids or your younger siblings clothes drawers. PLEASE!  I don't want to see another person dressed like this.  It's very disturbing.
Oh and don't dress up like clowns either it freaks kids out.
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Rocko's Modern Life Innuendos #2

Here are some more of the innuendos from Rocko's Modern Life.

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Have Some Bacon With Your ROFLez

Bacon makes everything better, especially ROFLez. lul


Moar barrel rolls!

Chimpanzee Rides Segway

This chimpanzee named Pan-kun, rides his Segway through this open field and crashes into the woods. Its pretty funny.

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I had no idea how many innuendos the writers of Rocko's Modern Life threw into the show.  Well I was little when this show was on so I most likely would not have gotten any of them and I didn't have cable so I couldn't watch it that often. Enjoy.

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Ad Placement Fail

One Way to Ruin Your Wedding...

Is to get knocked into the conveniently placed pool behind you. HAHAHA sorry but this video is funny even though it probably totally ruined that Bride's day. A lot of people have been saying that this video is fake.  I could see it being staged and whatnot but I don't think that it was staged.

What do you guys think? Staged or not?

Funny Halloween Costumes 1

Here are some funny costumes that I found out on the internet.
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Zombie Likes Turtles

With Halloween getting closer, I'm going to be posting things with Halloween themes. So like funny costumes, funny Halloween pranks, you get the picture.

Looks like this zombie likes more than just brains! LOL

Get Pitted.....So Pitted

This surfer is spitting some crazy philosophical crap about awesome waves but to fully understand his "philosophies" you most definitely have to be high like him.

Wat up Braahh!

This is What Happens When Pumpkins Drink

And this what happens when they go on a rampage!  AAAARRGGHHH

The Captain's Going Down with the Ship

I don't even know how this boat got to this steep of an angle.  Did it drop from a crane?  If it did why is there a dude on there.  My guess is that he was trying some James Bond crap and tried to jump the boat but he forgot that he had an extra couple thousand pounds of treasure in the front so it nose dived in to the ocean.   

Girl PWNED by an RC Car

So supposedly this girl's little bro owned her face with his rc car. ROFL talk about sweet revenge for something.

Pro trike racers going head to head on the most intense race track in the world!

No, There is an Elephant in the Way

ROFL elephants.
It looks like we've got Miyamoto, Reggie Fils-Aime and Iwata of Nintendo and Stan Lee is in the back seat chilling too.  They must be dancing to some sup4r awesome J-Pop or celebrating the sucess of the Wii.  haha
HAHAHAHAHHAHAH!  I don't know how any one in their right mind would walk around wearing this.

Taping a Baseball to a RPG Seemed like a Good Idea...

At the time.  A few nights ago, the Japanese TV show, NTV, confirmed what you think would happen with an experiment involving baseballs, a RPG and a tank, EPIC FAIL.  I highly doubt that there was any scientific grounds for carrying out such an insane experiment.  Any way its pretty funny no matter what way you look at it.

After deciding that taping a baseball to a rpg wasn't such a great idea.  They decided that stuffing it down the barrel of a tank was a much better idea.  It worked much better, shooting the baseball at around 203mph.

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This video is from the geniuses over at Derrick Comedy. These guys make the funnest videos ever!!

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Fake ID Fail

This is ridiculous.  Who is dumb enough to make a fake ID with some else in the picture.  I guess these people are.  LUL.

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I Didn't Know Rednecks Played WoW??!

ROFLMAO!!! These rednecks took this vent harassment sooo well.  They couldn't figure out what was going on but they still thought it was mad funny!  They thought their conversation was getting all jumbled in the interwebs and bouncing off the moon.  Dang-o-Rang! That was a good ol' laugh!


Handicapped Segway Riding in Medieval Times

I guess handicapped people still need those prime parking spaces when they ride their Segways in Medieval Times.  ROFL!
Her doctor said she should get more exercise so she took her baby for a walk...

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