Photoshop's that make me want to gouge my eyes out

I'm not the best at photo editing but at least I can tell when somethings wrong with a photo. The people that edited these seem to lack that skill.Where did that dude go? LOL

via Photoshop Disasters
This kid is an amazing DDR player...until the end. ROFL


Human Tetris #2

Probably the funniest of the Human Tetris videos!

Cat Weight Lifting?!? LoL

These must have been the happiest cats in world! ROFL
The Chinese Segway S.W.A.T team prepares their new strategy for Segway polo. Steve Wozniak will want them on his team if they ever form one. LOL.
These photos need some captions, so if you have one write it in the comments section.


Major ROFLez at AGK!!


LOLz at Furniture Catapult
If you want to play this game then click here!

Human Tetris number uno!

Major ROFLez with Human Tetris.