Epic Fail Friday

LMAO!  You think that that lady could have at least used some common sense to answer this question instead of using a 50/50 and then still getting it wrong.  Hmmm something IN SPACE is smaller than something on Earth, I don't think so.  Geeze some people!

Benny Lava is too much

This video is freakin' hilarious!!  Some dude added subtitles to this Indian music video and the subtitles are what he thinks it sounds like they are saying.   This song is way too catchy and will have you singing the whole way through!!  And if you aren't loling at the subtitles then you'll be rofling at the dance moves. 

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Crazy Frog Bros

This video has everything, a catchy song, wacky kids dancing and even some e-thugging going on in the comments. (names have been replaced for identity protection)
E-Thug (18 hours ago) 
If I saw you guys in real life i would f***ing break your jaw.
Kid that realizes E-Thugs are retarded (17 hours ago) 
Sure you would, because everyone goes breaking kids jaws, that makes you so hard.

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Oblivious on a Monday

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
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Weekend ROFL

Today, a little follow up to the Georgia story I posted a week ago. I received an email from my Mom and this is what it read:
This news just in: 8/22/08 @ 4:18 PM...

All of the Wal-Marts across Alabama sold out of ammunition as of yesterday.

A reliable source said that one of the purchasers commented that while
Russia may have invaded Georgia , they sure as hell ain't doin' it to
Alabama .
People from Alabama seem to have problems with their geography too. ROFL!

Keep On Failing on Friday

Moar fails for your Friday!!

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Classic ROFL

Calvin's snowmen are serioulsy funny. Bill Watterson is a genius for coming up with a charater with such an amazing sense of humor.

Prank Call to teh Disney Store

This guy seriously does the best prank calls.  Fricken' hilarious!!

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Weekend ROFL - The Very Wacky Olympics!

The Olympics are now half way over and Micheal Phelps has pwned the World in swimming. What's next you may be asking yourself. Well prepare to have the wackiest, funniest and most outrageous Olympics thrust into your brain.
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Epic Fail Fridays

Here are some fails for your Friday. This first requires some reading but it is excellent!
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With the Olympic Track and Field events almost upon us, this Treadmill Hurdle game will add some humor to those very intense races. And if you don't care about the Olympics then just watch and laugh and perhaps LOL and maybe even ROFL.

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I live in georegia but i dont see rusia no where

"I live in georegia but i dont see rusia no where not even sound but they says theres tanks should i be worrie?
i herd on the news that rusia has invaded but i dont see them no where wats going on"

(Just click the picture to view it)
This has been circling the internet over the past few days. I just discovered it today and had to post it on here. The responses are classsic!! Here's Google's cached version since Yahoo deleted the question. Cached Version.

Oh if you don't know what this is all about then perhaps you read/watch the news more often.

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Here are some funny pictures for Hump Day a.k.a Wednesday.via i can has cheez burger ^^

Sliding Door Battle

Japanese people dressed in bug costumes sliding doors?!> ROFL

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ROFL on Monday

Here are some pictures for you to ROFL at on this fine Monday.

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Weekend ROFL

Here is a ROFL for the last part of this Olympic weekend. Since the Olympics are going on it would be appropriate to put a sports related video on here but I'm not. Here's a very funny Japanese game show where they....(you'll have to watch the video to find out)

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Epic Fail Fridays

These are some EPIC failures. Also Epic Fail Fridays is going to become a segment on this site from now on.

Human Tetris #3

More human tetris!!! Its the best!!!

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Best Rap Battle Ever!!!

I mean worst rap battle ever. LOL. Eli Porter is my HERO! He's tha best maanngg!

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Moar LOLcats

Here's some LOLcats to put a smile on your face!Although I should really be posting these on Caturday, I feel that it is Caturday everday!!

Sonic Boom!!

This video is genius! A must see for all street fighter fans!
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Weekend ROFL

Now I've never played World of Warcraft but I have played Counter Strike and there can be some pretty funny conversations on vent. This has to be one of the best from WoW. Some kid joins in on a guild's raid and just starts talking about random crap. Although its 52 min long, the first couple minutes will draw you in for the long haul. (Contains mature language)
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Wheres The Pole!?!?!??!!?

Wipeout (ABC) is one of the funniest shows on network TV this summer. And this girl has to be one of the funniest and ditsiest contestants that has been on the show.

She doesn't want to date her cousins but they may be the only chance she has. LOL
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Although they aren't attached by an umbilical code, they are still extremely funny!

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Here are some LOLcats for your viewing pleasure.

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