I got some British Humor for you today

One of my professor's showed our class this video today.  Had nothing to do with the class he just likes to show funny videos to make the class not so dreadful.

Passing your drivers test after 950 tries, good job

She tried almost daily for 4 years and finally got the minimum score of 60%. EPIC FAIL!!!!  She still has to take the actual driving portion.  I doubt that she'll ever pass. lul


Play him off, Keyboard Cat

These are the fiunniest videos in the world!!!  Go watch some keyboard cat videos!!!!

Zombie Kid and Keyboard Cat

Just some LOLcats

Missing Bike

I'd just want my bike back.
Via jalopnik.com

Cat being Angry. ARAARRRRGGGG

Fire Extinguisher FTW!!!

LOL man vs kids

HAHAHA this video is so ridiculous!
I sure hope he didn't hurt his kids in the making of this.

Crazy Fanta Commericals

Horrible America Idol Fake

Wow a fat WoW Nerd (NSFW)

KATY PERRY "Hot'n'cold" Ukrainian Polka band

haha this is ridiculous
MOre Idiots of Ants

Faceboook in Real Life

Idiots of Ants

Cute Girl Talking About Monsters


Lazy Town featuring Lil' Jon, Yeaha!

(Video NSFW)